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5 Features or 4 Help

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Can someone point me in the right direction for the following or let me know if they will be available in version 4 (currently usuing 3.5.10).

1. I often need to rotate something by a fixed angle. Although the freehand rotate is great, I cannot get the precise angle I want. i.e. something as simple as rotate by 45 degrees is hard, especially if you have other parts of a picture that need to slot in to the final rotation. Is there any way you can rotate by typing in the angle?

2. Lasso - I asked for this a long time ago and believe it was technically not possible then. Will v.4 have point to point selection for this. Again freehand selection can be very hard work.

3. Frames - I am struggling to put nice frames around my photos in Paint.Net. Currently, either copying photo to Word 2007, using the frames function there and copying back or using another frames package. Is there anything out there for Paint.Net that can make super cool frames around photos?

4. Shapes - Is there any plan to increase number of shapes available or allow point to point shapes to be drawn. This can currently be done with a line at a time, then magnifying to ensure the next line starts at the right point. Is there a simpler way in 3.5?

5. Can anyone point me where I can find "stamps", i.e. random cars, dice, butterflies, etc. that can be used in Paint.Net. Is there anything available that will allow you to select a design, select a variation, select the size and then stamp it onto your picture? Although I have not used recent versions of PaintShop Pro (I use Paint.Net), I remember seeing this in version 5 of that product.

Thank you for your help.

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Re 1 - You could possibly use my 'composition tool'.

set the preset aspect ratio to 'as original',

the size to 100%,

grid type to none,

and rotate using the slider or type the angle in.

Re 4 - shapes - there are quite a few available in various plugins (see EER's index) - what pre-made shapes are you after?


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1: Go to layer>Rotate/zoom (or press ctrl+shift+z)

2: Rick will have to answer the part about pdn4 having this, but there is a workaround (which you probably were told of last time you asked). Add a new layer and outline the area you wish to select using the line tool, then select the inside of your outline with magic wand and hide the outline layer.

3: I don't quite understand what you are looking for here, but would this plugin be of any use?

4 and 5: red ochre and welsh got those covered :) About the custom brush plugin: you can pretty much turn any photo into a brush using this plugin. I would definitely recommend downloading it whether or not it works specifically for your current purpose.

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