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Need help on texy boxes

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Hi, I am really new to paint.net and any type of software like this. I am trying to create a custom header using paint.net. I have tried learning about it with youtube tuorials but the latest version seems to have changed a little bit. Especially insterting a text box into an existing object I created. Apologies if my terms are incorrect. I wanted to ask the more experienced users for help. So help?

Also if there are any more updated tutorials with the latest paint.net version I would so love that. Thanks in advance to all.

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Paint.net doesn't have 'text boxes' as such. But you can create the appearance of them. Unlike other software, Paint.net doesn't allow for re-editing text in 'boxes' - once you commit the text to the canvas, it becomes part of the image and therefore a clump of pixels, and not characters.

However, there is a plugin by Simon Brown HERE that does allow for re-editing text.

This plugin by dpy Speech Bubble creates speech bubbles on your canvas, but again these are not re-editable.

Can you post a picture of what you're trying to achieve?

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