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background for blog tv need help

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The problem you're having is a combination of the image width and the HTML you're using to display it. The image is 600 pixels wide and you're asking for the image to be repeatedly tiled across the background.

body{background-image:url('http://Storage.blogtv.com/Albums/3/143008/site/112201147259.jpg');background-repeat: repeat;}

Now you're never going to know what screen size the viewer is using, so tiling the image to exactly line the logos up on the sides is a really hit-and-miss affair.

What you would be better doing is using the background property to display the left logo, then define a new right aligned <div> to display the right logo.

In doing so you can use the same image, but make it a thin strip with the word "live" centered under the word 'castle' so it looks the same on both sides of the screen.

If you have problems with the image, continue asking questions in this thread.

If you're having problems with the HTML then the thread to post in is this one: http://forums.getpai...ign-discussion/

<Because this is not a tutorial, 'Creations' is not the place for it. moved to Paint.Net Discussion & Questions>

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