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Can't upgrade/delete Paint.net - missing PaintDotNet_322469163.msi

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I'm running XP Professional, SP3. Paint.net was functioning OK till I got message saying an update was available. During the installation I got a message saying that "The feature you are trying to use is on a netwok resource that is unavailable." The file it can't find is PaintDotNet_322469163.msi. It was looking in C:Program Files\PaintNET\Staging\. The version I have, Paint.NET v3.5.8 seems now not to work properly.

It seems that I can not uninstall or reinstall the version I have, and when I try to install the newest version that also fails with the error I described above.

Can anyone help me get out of what seems to be a spot between a rock and a hard polace?

Thank you.


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Hi Ted,

First, I've moved your post to the Troubleshooting section of the forum.

Second, you might try reading through this thread (pinned to the top of the Troubleshooting section of the forum): http://forums.getpai...uble-read-this/

Work your way through the entire thread - trying what is suggested if it seems to fit your problem.

If you have no joy - let us know.

Edit: also worth a read: http://forums.getpai...t-139236804msi/

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