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Paint.Net destroys my Exif-Data

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Hi folks,

first I beg your pardon. As English is not my native language, there could be some mistakes in my post... But I will do my very best so that you can understand me ;)

I recognized, that Paint.Net "destroys" many information which are saved in the Exif-Datas.

For example, the information about the owner of the camera. In the original picture, my name is saved in the field called "owner",

but after having edited the picture in Paint.Net, the Exif-Data says: Owner: "IMG: PowerShot SX230 HS JPEG" or "ware Version 1.01".

Quite strange, isn't it? :)

Another example: Sometimes (not always) the Date Stamp in the Exif-Data/GPS-Category is completely deleted...

For a better understanding, I will stick two pictures, one is original and "straight out of the cam", the other is edited with Paint.Net.

You can download them and see how the Exif-Data have changed.

Do you have the same problem or is it just my individual problem?

I would be very thankful for answers and solutions ;)




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Only thing I can do is point you to this thread:

where Rick very recently said:

....Paint.NET preserves metadata when possible.

I'm guessing that in your case, it is not possible for PDN to preserve the data.

This thread is also worth reading through:

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