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Paint.net portable, plug and play perfect

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Hello, I would like a version of paint.net that I can throw on my flash drive and it will run perfect on any windows xp+ computer that meets the hardware requirements. No need to install any software, the way PORTABLE apps SHOULD BE. Like this one: http://portableapps.com/node/26591

Except, for reasons unknown to me it was removed from that site. Apparently Paint.net has it's own official portable version, but you need to install something to make it run. That isn't portable. I heard about it from this thread: http://forums.getpai...82entry347482

Please give me a link to the version of Paint.net portable I can run on any windows xp/vista/7 computer that meets the hardware system requirements. Don't tell me it's impossible, its quite possible, but for reasons unknown it has been banned from the internet.

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I don't know anything about it, but I'd assume that if it's been 'banned' as you say, Rick (the creator) had something to do with it being 'banned' which would likely mean it is now 'impossible' to do.

That's an assumption though, I haven't heard anything about this ever before.

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Just wanted to say that, unless you have very VERY little space on your flash drive, installing Liberkey works just fine. I have Liberkey with paint.net AND over 250 plugins all packed into 50 mb on my flash drive, so if space is your issue, you should probably just ditch the flash drive and buy a new one. A 4gb flash drive only costs around $8.00. If your issue is that you are worried about Liberkey not functioning across platforms, stop worrying. I use Windows XP at home and take my flash drive to school and it works great on Windows 7.


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Ok so you come on to this forum yelling and screaming, making up stories and demanding things? No. I don't think so.

There's no "official" portable Paint.NET. Nothing has been "banned." I have no idea what you're talking about. You need to chill the heck out and get your facts straight.

Thread Closed

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