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Hi, sorry if I've missed something, I can get my sky transparent but how do I get rid of everything else so I can recolour the sky including the little bits around trees which are all transparent, so when I put the trees back in the pic the sky colour is even???

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The tutorials section is for posting tutorials, not asking for help. Questions go in the General discussion section. EDIT: thanks, mr. atwell :)

Anyhow, here's what I would do:

1. Duplicate the original image and make the sky transparent in one.

<in the image where the sky is transparent>

2. Play with the brightness and contrast settings until everything that isn't transparent is completely black.

3. Add a layer and move it down, then fill it with white.

4. Merge the layers.

What I just had you do is make a mask image. Now, go back to the original image.

5. Run the alpha mask plugin with "paste from clipboard" checked.

That should do it. If it doesn't, tell us what happened and we'll find a solution. If it does, show us your results :D

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