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Can't install 3.5.8

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I've recently been having problems with a older version of paint.net crashing every time I tried to to anything with it, so I decided to uninstall it and install the newer version (3.5.8). However when I tried to install it tells me it cannot find SetupShim.exe and continues as if nothing is wrong. I pick to quick install and stays removing previous version (Which I thought I'd deleted already) and encounters a fatal error while trying to do this, it was a '1603' error. What can I do about this? I've looked in my program files folder and there is no paint. net files in there bar a folder called Staging.

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I don't know why people insist on uninstalling paint.net before they try to update. The easiest method of updating is to go to the Utilities menu & click on "Check for Updates". If a newer version is found, the old will be removed automagically.

RE: 1603 error.

This thread:

Post number 8 that begins...... "10) "1603" error during install/update"

In the same thread you'll find a post about the Windows Installer CleanUp utility (post #2). Read that as it may be necessary to completely remove any remnant of Paint.net before reinstalling.

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