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Hoiw do i render?One of my questions.

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Hey guys.I've seen epic sigs from most of you, the kind i love.Sfifer, TheHowler, NOOBz and quite a good few from Rokking also.So, i have a couple questions

1)How do i render on planet renders?

2)Is it a good idea to recolor preset C4ds or is that noobish.

Please pay attention to the second one, as i found the C4ds website.

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The renders in Sfifer, TheHowler, etc...are all images cut from stock photos.

1. variations of some planet tutorials here (ex: and and more if you search) can get you some pretty realistic planets if that is what you mean.

2. If all you are doing is recoloring, yes, although it may still look cool ;) Just don't tell us it was someone else's creation in C4D and you should be good

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