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  1. I really like the color fade, so my vote goes to Minners. Great concept by NMD though. minners71 - 2 NinjaManDan21 - 0
  2. I think a fun competition would be a book/album/movie cover competition. The theme could be a certain title, or genre, or something along those lines. I don't think I'd be able to host, as unfortunately I don't get on a whole lot anymore, but I'd love to see it work out
  3. Ego, can we somehow make that happen? I'm not sure how it'd make a lasting comp, but it might be worth a shot! (Sorry, I know this isn't the right forum section)
  4. We should have a "Best Sig Quote" competition!
  5. I agree with both these suggestions. I had to make a newspaper article for school a little while back, and, being the paint.net loving person that I am, I decided to make it look as realistic as possible by doing it on paint.net. Newspapers' text is always justified (for those who don't know what that means it's when the text is arranged to where it makes straight lines on either side of the column), and that was difficult to do, so I had to settle for "aligned left". Most programs that deal with text has this feature, so it'd be nice for paint.net to have it as well. I like the second idea as well, though, like Steve said, the first one is a priority. Edit: Oh, and welcome to the forums, Steve
  6. You could even take the logo competition a bit further and do advertisement of the week, and you could either make it mandatory that it be a banner ad like you see on the internet, or a full/half page magazine ad, or just allow anything.
  7. It'd be their marketing department out of jealousy
  8. Thanks Welsh! Maybe I should show it to Adidas in return for a job!
  9. I can't help it, I'm probably the most modest person in the whole wide world!
  10. Thanks delpart, well said (I had no idea I'd even come close to winning to be honest)
  11. Thanks for the encouragement pdnnoob, I appreciate it a lot I really like your 3D text though, anytime someone can make something look 3D on a 2D canvas it amazes me, so that's why yours is so awesome. I dunno if I like it better than your current sig though, they're both very good. I like to change my sig every once in a while, but that's because those are the main things I make. And I agree about Weave getting a bad reputation. Sure it's very simple to use, but that's the whole point of paint.net; so people who aren't experienced with graphic design or art can still make something that looks really cool. I find it kind of sad when people talk bad about certain effects as they are easy-to-use, when those same people are making images made almost exclusively of renders and/or pictures. But maybe that's just me
  12. Thanks a lot pdnnoob, I have no chance against that nitenurse, I'm confused, is that vote for pdnnoob or for me? (I'm guessing pdnnoob)
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