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Transparnecy with tga

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I just went thru the tutorial on making an image transparent. It says that it should be saved as png most of the time. It also states that smaller images may not work. I am trying to make a symbol for my clan in a online game. The symbol is 32x32 and must be either in bmp or tga file..I have tried and seem to be coming up short here.

Any thoughts plz.

Thank you

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What problems exactly do you have with creating a transparent logo? A Targa image file format ( *.tga files ) are excellent in your case, since they do allow the transparency. Just make your image, make sure you have transparency in your image ( you know it by the check-board pattern in a background ) and simply save it as *.tga file.

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I tried to up load TGA and it say's I am not allowed to upload this file. This is file of png which is not allowed in game . Game only allows bmp, tga files.

Also it must be 32x32 so does this matter as well. I have gotten it to go to a black border/background but just cant get the transparent.




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well that thumbnail IS a .png--- did you hit "save as" then choose the .tga file type? and if you neeed it 32x32 you need to resize it- at current it is 8x too large -- Image/resize

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TGA supports transparency if you save at 32-bit color depth.

8-bit also supports transparency, but only a very limited form of it, and in general the "Auto-detect" option is the best.

3.5.9 will have an optimization specially suited for smaller images, such as 32x32 and smaller. In some cases a smaller file size can be achieved with 32-bit than with 8-bit, due to the size of the embedded palette. 3.5.8 and earlier will choose the lowest bit-depth that can save the image without losing fidelity, whereas 3.5.9+ will use the bit-depth that produces the smallest file size. In some cases it's a difference of 300 byte vs. 2KB -- small files to be sure, but it can make a difference.

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