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PNG file size

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I newer noticed that. But I have noticed that if I need to make a PNG file smaller, it sometimes can be done by opening it in IrfanView, and saving it again. I naturally assume it looses some quality.

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PNG is lossless, you won't lose quality.

This could just be a consequence of Paint.NET saving PNG's as 32-bit (24-bit RGB + 8-bit alpha/transparency), even if the image is opaque.

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There is something going on here...

I took a PNG file that I had created in PDN earlier (part of a comic snipped from a jpeg) and once I was done doing everything, it's filesize when saved as a PNG was 18473 bytes.

Later, I opened the file and saved it (without changing anything except the pathname) and it was 19067 bytes. Subsequently saving the file gave the same result; it did not continue to increase in size.

I noticed the files had metadata added saying Paint.NET v3.0. The original did not have that.

But that leaves about 580 bytes unaccounted for.

Also, for those not afraid of the command line, I've found pngUtils which can help shrink your PNG files. Most useful was pngquant which can take your 24-bit PNG file and make it an 8-bit pallette indexed file.

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