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The projet is great and I would like to contribute with filters but I think it is currently missing a real source control system. I wish to work on the latest version of the sources, but afaik only the source of the last release is available.

What about setting up a Subversion or CVS repository ? This would be a first step and it would be useful IMO to all interested devs. I have seen a few people concerned about the copyrights on some portions of code, the histories would be useful in those cases.

Cheers :wink:

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Still, it is widely known that latest sources are unstable, but being under construction doesn't mean it should not be available for those interested. Opensource devs are used to work with bleeding edge code.

Note that I was also interested in working on the "dodge" and "burn" tool that someone mentionned in another post, but I guess this won't be possible either.

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Hi there,

I would also like to have access to the source code repository, to register it on Ohloh. This would be very helpful to monitor and show activity about this great project to the whole community.

That point taken aside, I fully understand why you should keep it read-only and give access in write mode only after a personal recruitment process, as most open source projects do.

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