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How do you add transparent images to other images?

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Hi guys,

I’ve been looking for over 2 hours now how to do this and I’m still no better off, however I have learnt a few tips here and there,

so I’m totally new to gfx stuff but i know how to make an image transparent.

but i have 2 images



i want the logo on the image but i dont understand how too?? ( with out getting all the grey and white boxes (around the logo on the greenhouse pic which goes white once i save it) =(

can someone who me a tutorial or how to do it please? i want the image background to still be there

thanks in advance for any help!!!

- Jono

Futher Edit...


when i add it to the picture


when i save it (as a png ) Preview is end result... so what am i doing wrong???

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Replaced overlarge images with links.
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Hi Sturzaker123, welcome to the forum.

I'm glad you've found the solution you wanted and learned a bit about using layers along the way!

You'll note a little edit of mine in your first post above. In line with Rule #29 I've replaced your two large images with links. As the rule says, the maximum dimension allowed for posted images is 800 pixels.

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