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Shrinking image not losing quality

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I have an 8 X 11 image that needs to be shrunk down to about 1" X 1" (it's being put on a poker chip). It's obviously not working.

I know the lines have to be thicker and/or darker so when they're shrunk they don't disappear.

I don't really use graphic's programs, but I know basics. Here is a copy of the image so you know what I'm referring to:


Thanks for any help.

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hey.. its realy simple once you know what to do...

first load your pic onto PDN, then go to image/canvas size- anchor your pic centered, then change the width value to 1020 pix to match the height(turn off the maintain ratio box )

after this go to image/resize make sure the maintain ratio box IS checked and use the inches settings at the bottom to set it to 1"x1"

now to darken it, go to adjustments/curves and use thuis setting


and you get this


you might want to spend a bit of time cleaning up the image-- you will notice you can see the sideline and such


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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