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I am attempting to build a facsimilie enigma machine, I would like to know how best to create an effect so that when a key is pressed a corresponding letter appears to light up. I am not so much a graphics newbie as much as a graphics incompetent, so if someone could give instructions for dummies. btw I am not looking for an animated image, I can take care of the transitions between on and off, I just need to create the two image states. Hope this makes sense.


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For the on and off states I usually start with the off state. For this, MadJik's Buttons plugin might be useful.

Once you are satisfied with the 'off' state of your button, duplicate the finished layer pdn35icons.MenuLayersDuplicateLayerIcon.png . Label this second layer 'on' (Press F4 & type over the title).

Use the magic wand pdn35icons.MagicWandToolIcon.png and select the letter in the ON layer. Copy with CTRL + C

Add a new layer pdn35icons.MenuLayersAddNewLayerIcon.png and paste the copied letter into this new layer (CTRL + V)

Use Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast to lighten the letter. Apply Effects > Photo > Glow to give it some more 'pop'.

Merge this top layer down into the 'on' state layer :MergeLayerDown: .

To see the effect, toggle the top layer's visibility on and off. Cool boltbait.cool.png

Use Save As... to save your effect in PDN format. PDN preserves the layer structure - so you can return & edit it later.

Toggle top layer off & Save AS..., off.png

Toggle top layer on and save as on.png

A quick alternative is just to use the same settings in the buttons plugin to create two images. Use a darker color for the lettering in the off state and lighter in the on state. I do like the lit up letter to have the glow effect applied, it makes some of the actual button lighter as it would when the letter is lit.

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