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Set / use default paper size when printing

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I see a "new printing UI" is scheduled for v4, so maybe this will be included in that anyway, but a quick request: it'd be great of PDN would honour the default paper size when printing. I currently need to change from Letter to A4 (which isn't even on the "most popular" list, so it needs a further click to choose "other" first), despite this being the default paper size for the printer selected.

Either using the default paper size of the selected printer, or failing that, remember the previously selected paper size in PDN would save a good amount of frustration for those of us in Europe where A4 is the usual paper size ;-)



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try using: Printer+

Thanks - that gets half way there in defaulting to the correct paper size at least ;-). So the next request would be that it remembers the orientation - whilst Portrait is a sensible default for the printer system-wide, a lot of graphics tend to be more landscape-oriented.

Of course, better yet, it should make an intelligent guess based on the image dimensions, and choose automagically: if the image is more landscape, default to that; and vice versa. (This is the behaviour of the built-in Paint.NET printing dialog, by the way...)



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All good suggestions - which you would be better raising in the Printer+ thread.

(I always love it when a piece of software automagically makes an intelligent guess. Regardless of what it comes up with, it won't be what I want at the time boltbait.lol.png )

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