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How To Do This

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1. Create a new layer above the image :AddNewLayer:

2. Click the MORE button in the color window and type in 666666 (six sixes) in the HEX box. This sets the primary color to grey.

3. Select the Rectangle tool :RectangleTool:

4. In the toolbar, find the option to draw a filled shape (located between Tools and Brush Width).

5. Drag the mouse over the canvas while holding down the left mouse button. This draws your grey box.

6. Swap primary color with secondary (look for this little icon in the color window :Swap: )

7. Create another new layer above the last :AddNewLayer:

8. Select the Text tool :TextTool:

9. click where you want the text & type in the letters.

10. Save as a PDN then Save As.., the file format you require.

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