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Multilayer Stencils

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Im new to Paint.net. Id like to learn how to take a photo or image, create multiple images to print and when cut out, will create a complete image when painted. Similar to how its done in photo shop only, I'd like to zoom in to areas, trace out the areas, then take those selected areas that I traced and move them to a different layer. Is this possible?

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You want to separate the image elements to individual layers?

You'll have to get creative with the selection tools (:MagicWandTool::RectangleSelectTool::EllipseSelectTool: and :LassoSelectTool: ) and the selection mode(s) in order to select each element.

CTRL + C will copy the current selection to the clipboard.

Press delete to remove the selection from the current layer (the original image).

Create a new layer :AddNewLayer:

CTRL + V will paste the selection from the clipboard to the new layer.

Repeat for each element that you wish to removed from the original image.

For more on the selection tools & selection modes, press F1 to access the online documentation.

Once you have the elements removed to individual layers you should save the image as a *.PDN to preserve the layer structure.

To print an individual layer, toggle all the other layers visibility to hide them (checkboxes in the Layers window beside each layer) and use Save AS..., to save a copy of just that layer (probably use *.PNG or *.JPG file format). Repeat for all layers you wish to print separately.

Printing can then be done by opening each saved (layer) file and printing with whatever tool you usually use.

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