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Resize Layer

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Not with something like Image->Resize. You can select the contents and resize and move them with no trouble, using the Rectangle Selection and Move Selected Pixels tools.

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Didn't want to start a new topic, but

1) when I open 1st layer, say 100x100, and when I add a new image as new layer, and if that image is 200x200, how can I resize it to 100x100 or at least match the other layers?

2) Can I resize multiple layers? maybe 3 out of 4 layers, keeping the (backgrould) same size, but resizing the other 3 layers?


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1) When you paste it in, and it asks you to enlarge the canvas, click "Yes". Select All, Click on the "Move Selected Pixels" tool, and then drag the nubs to what you need. Look at the status bar for how large the selection is, and use the arrow keys to resize it pixel by pixel.

2) You must do it one by one, right now.


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