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  1. All of my add-ons were moved over. To be on the safe side, I actually made a copy of the folder just in case, but did not have to use that. Thank you very much for this great software package. I had been using the 2.63 and even with all the loading problems, UNDO issues, I kept using it. Now I upgraded to the latest version, and it is like a huge weight has been lifted, and it is smooth, fast, and very useful. Thank You to anyone who has spent time in development of this great software.
  2. Didn't want to start a new topic, but 1) when I open 1st layer, say 100x100, and when I add a new image as new layer, and if that image is 200x200, how can I resize it to 100x100 or at least match the other layers? 2) Can I resize multiple layers? maybe 3 out of 4 layers, keeping the (backgrould) same size, but resizing the other 3 layers? Thanks.
  3. Or this plugin could easily be turned into a "Color Swap / Color Isolate" plugin with a modification. User could use the color picker to select an object's color on the image, for example baby's blue eyes on the picture above, and hit "isolate" and that would auto-adjust everything and produce an image that is totally B&W, but the seleceted color would remain. (sorry if this was discussed before)
  4. Thank You, here is what I was able to come up with after a few minutes of fiddling. Original: After Modification: And of course, the settings for my particular image. By keeping all values same and with only changing the range of color on the picker, you can make everything black and white BUT the selected range (in my case Purple to Red range) Thank You.
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