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How to make two opposing gradient come together

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My mistake on the link. OK, I added the correct image now. I want to see how to do it like the image where the yellow on the left and the green on the right meet in the middle. Im not concerned about how it meets in the face but how it does it for example above the head.



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I think all you need to do is, in the color wheel window choose one color as your primary color (by left clicking on the color) and choose the other color as your secondary color (by right clicking on the color). Then use the gradient tool :GradientTool: and set it to :LinearClampedGradient: (linear). then just click and drag across the screen. tip: if you want it perfectly straight, hold shift while moving.


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you can also set one colour and have your second colour set to transparent(in the 'more' section of the colour tab), add a gradient in an overlayed layer and use the second colour(with the transparent secondary colour) in an oposing gradient on a third overlap-- that way you could custom set the transparency of each colour by adjusting the propperties of the layer

this would be handy if , say, green obscurred more than yellow did at an alpha setting of 100


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