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  1. My mistake on the link. OK, I added the correct image now. I want to see how to do it like the image where the yellow on the left and the green on the right meet in the middle. Im not concerned about how it meets in the face but how it does it for example above the head. Thanks
  2. How do you make two gradients that start as different colors and then meet in the middle to match like this link: Thanks
  3. I have this image sample that i would like to recreate. I want to recreate the inner dark border only. It looks like a drop shadow but going in. It seems like the first thing they did was to make it a gradient. Its the inner edges im curious on how to do? Thanks
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to make a rounded corner that will have the shade affect of the background gradient color. I know how to make a gradient background. And as far as the rounded corner, its just using the "Rounded Rectangle" button. My problems is how to add a shade that is also gradient like the background but a little darker. I've included a sample (just one side to show what i mean) Im only interested in the outer rounded corner with the bluish gradient. Thanks
  5. ha ha, thanks for all the witty remarks. Its too bad, the picture wasnt mine and the person on the picture died so their will be no retake. The person who took the picture was just hoping it could be fixed. Thanks for the info all.
  6. This picture was taken in a dark room with no flash and its dark. I would like to be able to able to adjust it to see the faces. Any ideas using paint.net? Thanks
  7. Am I using the terminology correctly? Is this changing the tint? OK, i'm using latest ed Harvey plugin and i'm getting the hang of it. Was this the plugin you were referring to? Thanks
  8. I would like to change the tint/color of the following image from: to look something like this How do you do this? Thanks eric
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