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Cut from one image to another

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Hi All.

This is basic question but I wanted to know the best way to crop a person out of one photo so I could impose them into another. Is this easy/easy-ish? I couldn't find a tutorial for it but have been using paint.net over the last 3 months doing very easy things and became comfortable enough to want to try something more.

For example cropping my daughter out of this image.

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Here is a tutorial for cutting out images in Paint.NET: http://www.isimonbro...ing-out-images/

It is a relatively easy procedure, but you may have trouble working around thin, wispy hair.

Thanks. Can't get it to work at the moment but it appears thats only because I cannot properly select the extra layer I have created. Anyway I will keep trying probably a simple trick to it as with all things.

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Click on the layer that you want to activate (work on) in the Layers Window boltbait.wink.png

Also: Rule #29: Don't post huge images. 800px is the largest dimension allowed. Please resize the posted image. Thanks.

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