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How do I isolate this image to put it on a shirt?

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The image attached is the image I want to isolate. I want it to just be the words, and the 2 pictures so if I put it on a shirt there is no white backround it just fits right in. I'm making the shirts on customink.com just incase you wanted to know. I have tried the magic wand, but it doesn't copy over the facial features or any detail. I attached Alpha Mask to paint.net, but when I check invert mask the images of the milk, and cookie become faded, and there is a checkered background..... I cant have a checkered background on the image I want it to just be clear. If there is some way to do this please let me know thanks!

EDIT: The first attached image is what happens when I use the magic wand or as described in another tutorial a few posts down "dump some transparency"

EDIT2: whoops ignore the part about the checkered background I realize now that it disappears when you open the file in another program to view or something like that. :)



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The checkerboard pattern is the method Paint.Net uses to indicate transparency.

Any part of an image that shows the grey & white checkerboard pattern will be transparent when viewed, provided you save the file in a format that supports transparency. Those formats include *.gif and *.png, but not *.jpg for example.

For the images you're looking at, try the Alphaspace, or Grim Color Reaper plugin to remove the background color, leaving transparency.

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