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Changing alignment on an ellipse

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Probably a simple answer but have been able to find the answer to this despite looking all over, so forgive me if I have overlooked it!

I wanted to change the facing of an ellipse shape - instead of it facing, say, to 12 or 3 on a clock, I would like it to face towards 1 or 2.

If there is a way to do this, will teh same shortcut keys (or whatever it turns out to be) apply to text and other shapes?

In advance, thanks! boltbait.mrgreen.png

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Make your eclipse, and then select it with either Rectangle select :RectangleSelectTool: or Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: with tolerance at 0%. After that, click on the Move Tool :MoveTool: , then right click one of the corner handles, and drag to rotate to the desired rotation.

Hope that helps.

Edit, what ptuZ said also works.

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Thanks for the pointers, although neither seem to be doing the job unfortunately ... boltbait.sad.png

To be more specific about what I am trying to do, I have imported an image into Paint and am adding shapes / text on top of it, so the suggestions seem to apply themselves to the entire image rather than just the ellipse shape.

Again, I am probably doing it the wrong way, so any thoughts on how to achieve what I want woudl be welcomed!

Many thanks!

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