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Help with Text design

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Hi, I'm new to Paint.net and to its forums and am not really sure where to post this, so I apologise if I did something wrong somewhere in this post or with the post itself.

I'm new to paint.net and when trying to make a sig, I found out how crappy I was at text designing/decorating/etc.

Before you asked, I actually did check out the Text Effects subforum to improve my PDN skills but to no avail. And since the subtitle for the General Discussions & Questions category was for suggestions, requests, or how-to questions, I actually thought that I'd might find some help from here. I'm actually posting this request someone to complete this sig for me with a cool-looking text. I know it may make me seem lazy and I need someone to depend on, but I seriously have been trying to get the 'perfect' look for my crappy looking sig.

I actually wanted text that really matches the sig, like this one:


(Ouchy_S's Sig - I can borrow this, right?)

I don't really want it to be like that, I just want the text to match. The following is my sig:


And the following is my failed-attempt at a sig with text:


Yes, I'm a fan of Halo lol :P

Thanks to anyone who would be willing to help me and thanks to anyone who would kindly give me any good suggestions on improving my PDN skills. Also, if possible, can anyone tell me how to resize images without decreasing in quality? Cos when I tried it with any pictures on Paint.net, all the details disappear and the quality decreases. So again, thanks very much for helping.

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Did you check this tutorial out? Faith Sig

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