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Feature request : default tool when starting Paint.Net

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I mainly use Paint.Net as a swiss army knife to edit pictures or screenshots, and most often, the first thing I do is crop the image.

However, even after using Paint.Net for years, I always find myself opening a picture and then immediately "dragging" a selection rectangle... then I realize that the drawing tool was selected and I have just drawn an ugly line through my picture :-), then I have to undo, click the selection tool and start again.

Not a big deal, and I thought I'd get used to it... but it seems not.

So I was wondering : would it be possible to do something among the following suggestions :

- Make the 'select' tool the default one (but you might argue the program is called Paint.Net, not Crop.Net)

- Make the default tool upon startup a preference

- Remember the last tool used across sessions

That wouldn't probably save a huge amount of time, but at least a bit of frustration each time I open Paint.Net :-)

Keep on the good work.


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