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JPEG Discoloration

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Let me state upfront that I am not an experienced image editor. I edit images in my spare time, so I apologize if this question is elementary, or if my use of terminology is wrong.

In this first image, a .PNG, I have created some colors with crisp, clean lines. If I save the image, it remains as crisp and clean as when I drew it.


In this second image, a .JPG, the very same image has been "blended" slightly, where the colors bleed into one another. No matter how many times I correct this color bleeding, upon saving the image, the colors bleed into each other again.


Is there a way to prevent this problem from occurring? I unfortunately must make this image a JPEG, so I can't just circumvent the problem by sticking with the .PNG image.

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JPEG is a lossy format, meaning that it discards some image data in order to achieve better compression and thus smaller filesizes. You can try increasing the value of the quality slider when saving, but there will always be some "artifacts" from this compression.


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As pyrochild pointed out, there's really no way around this. Unfortunately, it's just the way the JPEG saving process works.

If your limitation to JPG is filesize, I'd recommend using .GIF or .PNG with the OptiPNG plugin (which can often reduce PNG filesizes to be comparable to their JPG counterparts). If your limitation is a hard limit based on the destination of the image, pyrochild's solution would be the best.


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Edit: please disregard my post, I just answered my own question by looking at the full-sized pictures.

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