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I Need Help With Sparkles

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Hi! I use Paint.net to fix up my artwork sometimes, and this time my picture needed a lot of fixing! I scanned it in with glitter, but the glitter didn't scan the way I wanted it. I wanted it to sparkle like an old Black and White movie, but it didn't. (The picture is color, btw.)

So I looked around here for something to help me, but the two plug-ins I tried failed miserably~ *-~-* They didn't do what they supposedly did in the pictures other people uploaded. I JUST want to add SPARKLES to places WHERE I WANT THEM, not just a randomly-generated effect. I'm just about to give in and buy Photoshop, because this is just too much effort to bother with. (Even though I can create some really cool glitter-like effects with just Gaussin blur, Glow, and Add Noise.)

I wonder why there are no "Brushes" like Photoshop has? Man, those sure would save me some time! Or just something that automatically makes any white spot sparkle! That would be a MAJOR time-saver!

Can anyone PLEASE help me?

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Try downloading Simon Brown`s Custom Brushes mini plug in. It `s the nearest you`ll get to brushes in PDN.There is also a link on the page to a Custom Brushes thread where you might find what you need.

Here is the link to the plug in -


If you want to PS brushes you`ll also need the abrviewer to change them to png files which the plug in uses.Here is the link to the tutorial. It`s also got a link to the abrviewer website -

Hope this helps. ;)



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If the plugin is installed correctly, the effect should show in the menu as:

Effects > Tools > CustomBrushesMini

The reference to "the "Draw with Custom Brush" tool"

in the link below is outdated.

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