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Blur Question

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I reccomend utilizing layers for this task, but what I do personally is take my corners, say I make a triangle, and it is just the transparent part. I take a little bit beyond that with my lasso, and then complete it, then gaussian blur around 5 pixels, less if the size is less, then I put my primary focus on a new layer, this is really simple with a single color, with a fade, it is a different story, say you have a fade and you want to do that, make your fade/gradient, and then blur 100 pixels to get your desired result of gradient/fading. Then erase your edges you want to show, and blur once more 5 or so pixels, then you got it..


I basically did that to make the background of that image. Yes, barkbark, that was made in Paint.Net.

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Just thought of something while reading this thread. So far i've only tried it on linear (up and down, left and right) blurs, not radial (circular) Give this a try.

0.5: Get the Gradient plugin from the plugins section of the forum and paste the dll in the effects folder under PDNs install location (usually c:/program files/Paint.Net)

1: Duplicate the layer that you want to focal blur(the effect that you wanted)

2: Select the bottom layer

3: Blur that layer at whatever you want the maximum blur to be in the finished image.

4: Select the top layer

5: Set the primary color (the top colored square in the toolbox) to default. Black with 255 transparency.

6: Set the secondary color (the other box) to white with 0 transparency.

7: Use the gradient plugin to run an alpha only gradient on your image(make sure the alpha only box is checked) To see how it will turn out, uncheck the alpha only box, the black portion of the image is the portion that will remain focused. Recheck the box before actually running the gradient.

8: Check out the results. Play around with different blurs to get different effects

9: When you get the right effect, you can do it multiple times to blur the four sides of your image. It'll take several layers and a little work but not too much.

Sorry if I left too much out, it's late and I have to get up early.

Hope that helps!

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