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Remove Backgrounds when lower Layer contains what has to be removed

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hi, ok first my aim is a picture like a videoclip, so like many pictures in one. (i dont know whats thats called)

here my question:

how can i cut everything out of a layer, what is similar to the layer below?

i'm feelin hard to explain that in words so ill use pictures:

2. Layer


2. Layer


This is what i reach when i do it my way: simple overwriting


But im still searchin for a way, to remove everything from Layer 2, what i dont need to copy; so that my Layer 2 does only contain the person like an "object"

that i can move it around and so on...

i`ve already found this: http://docs.google.c...jq79_15hdnjpzv6

but i think this could be easyer when u have a layer below it, that already contains the background

Thanks so far, Andi

PS: i know my english is ~~, but i hope u can still understand what i want :)

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This may be what you're looking for: How to Clone Yourself!

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