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Request for line plugin and/or tutorial

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Alright, that is actually easy to do.

Go in and make a new document, 1 px wide and 4 tall.

Color the bottom half black, and then save that.

I have a textures folder in my "My Pictures" to use with photo flood fill plugin.

Take your image, make a new layer, and photo flood fill with the tiny "tv scanlines" that you have, play around with the blending mode and opacity.

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There is a somewhat easier way to do this (no plugin required).

Create a new layer

Select the flood fill tool (paint can)

Set tollerance to 100%

Select colors black/white

In the toolbar at the top of the screen, select a fill style of "|||| Vertical" or "=== Horizontal".

Click on the canvas to fill it with vertical bars.

Adjust layer properties to taste.

You can also expirement with other fill styles, there are tons of them.

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