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Random Shape Fill Bug

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I'm not a power user, so often when I want to get something done I play around with the different Effects Tools.

Today, I was trying to find the Drop Shadow tool (either it has been moved, renamed, or deleted during one of my product updates - I just can't find it). While trying all the different tools, I selected the "Random Shape" option. I didn't see a preview, so I just cancelled.

Now, the Random Shape Fill dialog is sitting there saying that it is "Cancelling...", the Progress Bar's style is set to Marque, and the close button (X) has been cleverly disabled (thanks, guys).

Anyway, I've been looking at that dialog box long enough to come here for an answer, not find it, write this email, and it is still showing. I am not able to cancel it and get back to my work, and I still have an "Untitled" project that I've been spending my last 30 minutes on.

I'm running an HP with Windows 7 64-bit and a ridiculous 8 GB RAM (work seemed to think I needed it for some reason).

Just reporting this bug.


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At least the crash log is helpful.

There was an Invalid Operation Exception with a ScratchSurface object:

ScratchSurface already borrowed:

'PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectsMenu.RunEffect() using scratch surface for rendering during configuration' (trying to borrow for: 'PaintDotNet.Controls.DocumentWorkspace.DoSaveAs() handing off scratch surface to DoSaveAsDialog()')


Avoid Sears Home Improvement (click to read why)

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You have some out of date plugin files.

Download the newer versions at the plugin home pages.

Pyrochild plugins in particular.

pyrochild.effects.REQUIRED.dll is absent.

pyrochild.effects.common.dll is no longer used.


Look in Paint.NET's top menu.

Utilities > View Plugin Load Errors

This will tell you what plugins aren't loading properly.

Any error message like this can be ignored:

" Full error message: This plugin is now built-in to Paint.NET."

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