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  1. Eli, Did you notice how the individual characters in your text were not smooth? It was much worse on my example because there was a lot more text. In the end, someone at work showed me how to use clip-art in Microsoft Word to distort the text. I don't like that solution as much, but it enabled me to come up with a much nicer version for our organization's website.
  2. Hmmm.... Looks like I need to work on it a bit more. Thanks!
  3. I need to make something like this for our non-profit group:
  4. I'm trying to make a background with a smooth radial glow using the Gradient tool. What I keep getting looks ...very digital - meaning there are concentric little rings in a finite number of steps that prevent the effect from having the smoothness of a true light source on a wall. I even added a Gaussian Blur with a radius of 20 to reduce the effects, but it is still noticeable. Is there a setting I need to use to make this work? Here is the image:
  5. Is there a way to make the tool tip window go away once the Comb Box has been opened? A reusable method like sketched out below could handle each Combo Box's DropDown and DropDownClosed event: private ComboBox ComboBox1, ComboBox2, ComboBox3; private const String CBO1_TOOLTIP = "Shape type\nClick to open list\nShortcut keys: A (next shape), Shift+A (previous shape)"; private const String CBO2_TOOLTIP = "Text for ComboBox2"; private const String CBO3_TOOLTIP = "Text for ComboBox3"; private void InitializeComponent_Example() { // ComboBox1: ComboBox1.DropDown += new EventHandler(DropDown_Dropping); ComboBox1.DropDownClosed += new EventHandler(DropDown_Close); ComboBox1.Tag = CBO1_TOOLTIP; toolTip1.SetToolTip(ComboBox1, CBO1_TOOLTIP); // ComboBox2: ComboBox2.DropDown += new EventHandler(DropDown_Dropping); ComboBox2.DropDownClosed += new EventHandler(DropDown_Close); ComboBox2.Tag = CBO2_TOOLTIP; toolTip1.SetToolTip(ComboBox2, CBO2_TOOLTIP); // ComboBox3: ComboBox3.DropDown += new EventHandler(DropDown_Dropping); ComboBox3.DropDownClosed += new EventHandler(DropDown_Close); ComboBox3.Tag = CBO3_TOOLTIP; toolTip1.SetToolTip(ComboBox3, CBO3_TOOLTIP); } private void DropDown_Close(object sender, EventArgs e) { var ctrl = sender as ComboBox; if (ctrl != null) { toolTip1.SetToolTip(ctrl, String.Format("{0}", ctrl.Tag)); } } private void DropDown_Dropping(object sender, EventArgs e) { var ctrl = sender as ComboBox; if (ctrl != null) { toolTip1.SetToolTip(ctrl, null); } } If this is worth doing, my hope is that providing the code is helpful. I don't know if this is still a .NET project or what language it is currently in.
  6. LOL - I understand. I tried joining in with an open source project once. There was so much code in there that I didn't understand, and there was no way I could learn all of that in what little spare time I seem to have. Paint.NET is great. It does all that Photoshop and Gimp do. I was just thinking if it had some of those "knock this out really fast" tools, you could ...charge double for it! Greenshot demo (don't know how to embed)
  7. It isn't just one feature that I am requesting. There are multiple. Cc4 pointed out that many of the things "can be done", but there are no simple buttons to perform these simple tasks. Yeah, I know how to post, but if I make a title that says, "Make it more like Greenshot" it'd be deleted for promoting someone else's product. At the least, someone would complain about me using that in the title. Here is one I threw together in about 10 minutes using Greenshot showing the flow direction of a program we create:
  8. Does anyone on here use Greenshot (http://getgreenshot.org/)? This is a handy little "open source" tool for taking screenshots that runs as a system process down in the task bar. Its image editor is starting to become very rich with features and tools for making quick annotations. highlighting, drawing arrows, adding text, copying image to clipboard, exporting to a number of different applications or websites, shading options, undo features obfuscate counters crop speech bubbles The list is always growing. The point is, it is very easy to use and is quickly becoming something I use more regularly. I found myself today opening Paint.NET to do more serious work that required layers, then I wanted to draw a few shaded arrows on the topmost layer to indicate the flow pattern of my project. Oh yeah. That isn't a Paint.NET feature - at least not an easy task. I recall looking at the Paint.NET code back when it was open source, but I wasn't good at GDI+ at all - now I am only mediocre. I have not looked at the Greenshot source at all. Would there be any interest in adding these "powerful but simple" features to Paint.NET?
  9. I don't want to make Rick mad. I generally hang out on forums where people go to visit and enjoy themselves while possibly learning something. I get the feeling he doesn't want that type of atmosphere here, so I'll keep it brief. I reinstalled Windows about a year back when I purchased a larger hard drive. At that time, I tried Windows 8 for about a month, but I did not like the tablet interface on a desktop. I downloaded Win7 w/ SP1, but it would not validate with the non-SP1 key I already owned. v3.5 is fine. I'm not trying to get him to change anything for me. I just wanted to report some of the problems so he'd know about them.
  10. I did a search about what was in SP1. It had nothing critical, and only caused issues for a lot of people. When it failed for me back when Microsoft pushed it out, there was no reason to care. A few interesting links: Microsoft: What's included in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 How-To Geek: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is Released: But Should You Install It? ZDNet: Should you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1? SP1 does not install on my PC, and I'm guessing there is some sort of incompatibility issue with that computer. So, I won't be able to migrate to PDN v4 until I buy a new PC. PDN v4 is the only thing that machine an issue with, so I'll hang onto v3.5 for now.
  11. I tried 3 times since this version came out to update my version of Win7 to Win7 SP1. First time failed, so I downloaded the upgrade advisor to see what the problem was (since I could not remember it) Upgrade advisor closed while I was away from my PC. Did that mean it was done? So I tried installing the SP1 again. It still failed saying I needed to run the upgrade advisor to see what those problems were. I ran the upgrade advisor a second time and saw it close after running about 30 minutes, so I tried installing the SP1. It still failed with the same message to run the upgrade advisor - which doesn't work. At least v3.5 is not broke.
  12. It has not worked yet. I'm still trying to find ways to get SP1 to install, but the installer has been crashing due to compatibility issues. I have v4 installed here at work. Are files edited with v4 still able to be opened in v3.5? I'm afraid to make changes on some of my very old PDN files at work if they won't be useful in my older version.
  13. Sorry about taking so long to get back. I keep telling my settings to notify me immediately of replies, but that doesn't seem to stick. So, it is Windows 7 without SP1. I have several KB patches on my home PC that prevent SP1 from installing. If I remove the KB patches, SP1 will install but I lose features on my PC like sound and video. Is there any specific reason why SP1 was required with this release over the "plan Jane" Windows 7?
  14. I think I'm going to stop with this. I keep making changes, but I don't think it is making big differences. Some forums allow animated gifs, but most (like this one) do not. Here is what the animated version would look like - just a little annoying.
  15. I created my avatar using Paint.NET years ago: It is looking dated (to me), so I had been thinking about sprucing it up. I decided I would remove the ugly text "jp2code", throw a transparent Glossy Button effect over it, and put my text on top of the glossy button as an Etched Glass effect. Sounds neat, right? So, I look up and start reading up on a couple of the better glossy button tutorials: Making glass buttons, and Buttons (ymd:110331) I have used them both before with great success, but this time proved difficult. Neither of them seems to have a good way to use a background image. The best approach I found was to create a ymd button using a light gray background and setting the opacity down to 150 or so. The end result looks no where near as nice as I had pictured in my head: As you can see, it is very dark, does not look like a Glass Button, and I have not found a good Etched Glass effect. Does anyone have any advice on how to brighten up the Glossy Button without washing out the background?
  16. How similar is the IDE in Inkscape (http://inkscape.org/en/)? Work once let me spend a solid 6-months developing images using PDN, and that went a long way towards me understanding how this IDE works. I don't typically have that much time to invest in something that does not contribute to the employer's bottom line.
  17. Is PDN no longer an Open Source project? I opened the zip file, but it is just an executable. No code.
  18. Is it possible to add Snap to Grid? No one ever answered that. I use PDN often to design stuff for myself before I try taking pics out to a machine shop to be built (they roll their eyes at me if I bring in a hand sketch and assume I don't know what I'm talking about). When the program detects mouse movement (like what is shown in the status bar) and some new menu item (Image -> Snap to Grid) is checked, then the mouse coordinates would be rounded to the nearest x and y grid point. I am a decent C# guy, but mostly with databases, forms, and DataGridView controls. I am not the best at GDI+, but I can give a line a color and draw it from one PointF to the next. Is the source code for PDN still open to the public? I thought it went private a few years back. If developers in the PDN group are going to dismiss this as trivial that the OP should look into, then perhaps I could look into it as well. So, how would I go about this? Where is the source code? What files and classes deal with the mouse movements? Is there a repository I need to plug my copy of VS2010 up to?
  19. So, I guess it can't be done. We're just going to go with a picture.
  20. As the title suggests, how would you go about creating a Cattle Brand? I'm trying to create something simple using the letters "dP" to produce something along these lines: I want to have a textured background that resembles hair (does not need to change shade, though) and a way to make a rough looking outline for the letters.
  21. When I draw a line, is there a way to say, "Start at point (864,0), go exactly 270° down (actually, I can hold down the shift key for that, but I digress...) and end at the other side of the canvas at point (864, 3456)? A script would probably work well, but I've never dipped into that. Should this be a separate topic, or can I tack other questions on here? Seems rather small for a separate question.
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