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Image overlapping with transparency according layers.

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Could some body help me on how to lay on image on top of the other with the 1st still visible ( opaque ) hide behind the new layer?


Bring the 1st image to front or later laid image, same effect as previous mention?

Example, 1st paste or import image of a landscape image ( somewhere on moon ). Then I paste or import my own image stand in a garden. Now I want to see moon landing at the back of my own image in the garden, vis-versa... how do I do it? I even thinking of add the 3rd image in it such as Dog or Cat.

p/s: all images are 3"x5" format

Thanks in advance.

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In the layer above, you're going to need some transparent areas so the background image (the one below) will show through.

In your case you're going to have to delete the area of sky (I assume) to let the moon show through.

If the moon was to hang in the sky, you could do this:

Position the images with foreground layer (garden) on above the background layer (moon).

Toggle garden layer visibility to OFF.

Select the moon layer to make it active.

Use the magic wand :MagicWandTool: to select the moon area you want to show through (use tolerance slider to fine tune the selection).

Toggle garden layer visibility back ON.

Click on the garden layer to make that active - with selection still active

Press delete.

If your moon area is more complex, you're going to have to select areas of the garden and delete them on an ad-hoc basis.

Hope this helps. Please post the images if you need more help

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