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I've been messing around with paint.net for at least a year now and I wanted to wait to post something till I had a full original finished work that I was proud of. I want to say thank you for the free program and the great community with all the Tuts and Plugins.

I've ordered the gallery to be Newest up top.

------------------------- 10-28-2010


Its an item for World of Darkness, a RPG i play. Its a keystone memento for a Geist.

Hidden Content:


Rune Eye

Started as a drawing in my sketch book (used as background). Scanned it in to get the proportions and 3 days later here it is.

Hidden Content:


The rest of these are my "Cell Art." I took the sketches of one of my friends and colored them. Totally have her permission and if you follow though to the link to the deviant art pages it has links to her originals.

Hidden Content:










This is the first one I did after downloading Paint.net. I love the way her hair came out. The Kimono and bow sorce images are from VandAprints


Any feed back is more then welcome as I really want to know what you thing and what I can do to make future projects even better!

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