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File_Open no longer saves last used view preference


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After a few years of using Paint.Net I finally updated the program to the most recent version. Bad move. Now the program does not save your FILE_OPEN view preference (last used - detail, thumbnal, list, ect...). Instead it always defaults to detail view. I open hundreds of images and have to see them before I open them so I absolutely need to have the FILE_OPEN view in thumbnail view. I cannot keep changing the view all the time to open hundreds of images. That is way too labor intensive. This was not a problem before the upgrade – Paint.Net used whatever view I used last. I can deal with this for awhile but not long term so I need to know if this will be fixed, otherwise I will need to start looking for other programs, even if I have to pay for them. Either that or I need to install an earlier version of the program. Or, maybe I am using the program wrong? Thanks.

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If that's what you want, fine. But keep in mind that you can get no support whatsoever on this board for that version.


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rickcf, No need to be grouchy ... wow.

This is something that happens because of how Windows XP does things, not Paint.NET.

Paint.NET used to force the dialog to always show thumbnail view. Everyone yelled at me about it. Since I no longer use XP and thus don't care, I removed that behavior.

I do not know why XP is forgetting your preferences. I'm sure if you open that folder in Explorer and set it up how you want, it'll remember (or not :().

Win7 and Vista work as expected here.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Wow, I was not at all grouchy and was not mad or anything. :o Sorry if it sounded like I was. :cry: I was just stating the facts for my situation as I was dealing with the problem I had as I tried to solve it. :| Keep in mind that internet communication is void of emotion and assumptions can easily be wrong.

I am a programmer and I understand this world so the solutions/info presented since I last posted are very helpful so I will play around with it. I might have to change the way I do things because my images are created in temp folders so moving the images to a folder with default view might be workable - if that works. I will have to play with it and see if it has something to do with folder property inheritance in XP.

As far as getting support for a old program goes - it makes no difference to me for what I am doing. I was using an old, old version of Photopaint up until Feb of 2009 when I found that Paint.Net would act as a great replacement for what I was doing - the others I looked at were to clumsy or limited for me to 'quickly' edit hundreds of files at a time.

Thanks for the help!


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