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Christmas tree tutorial.

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starting point

so first you must think about it. what makes a Christmas tree realistic or semi realistic don't think texture yet.

its the shape correct? triangular, maybe 3 or 4 tiers of triangular shapes smallest at the top.

now lets think of color. solid color never cuts it in a realistic or semi realistic image. graidiants?

but not just two colors of green maybe as many as 5 or 6...... do two color gradiants and then lighten and darken ?

most trees are not solid leafs/needles there are lots of branches showing winter kill/ animal munchies. etc.

absolutely no outlines on realistic things. those black outlines move an image to a cartoon style.

you will recognize these from the snowman semirealistic. Only two screenshots I saved during making those trees.

started with gentree browns for your primary and secondary colors. I think I used releif and gradiants. was awhile ago and I wasn't planning on a tut.

then lasso around the end portions of each clump of brances ends only. where you want the needles.

add a layer and gradiant green 2 shades.

set to global tolerance 0 use wand on the branch layer in any transparent area.

move to the green gradiant layer and cut. gives you brown branches with green tippys


build up a few of these branches and rotate as required. and flip a few horizontal direction. use a bit of transparent gradiant or smudge to work the ends of the branches into the trunk.


don't forget to put some of the brances around the back of the tree trunk that makes the tree look less flat more 3d

OK next person. lets go Chad and Wilson you are up now.

(Wilson I've the pdn for this tree but didn't keep notes. if you PM me your e mail addy, I will send you the PDN. I know you've enough skill work thru the steps and do up necessary screen shots. adjust where ever you feel it requires simplification so newbies can follow along as well as more seasoned paint.net users that want a little diversion.

ciao OMA

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Wilson how you making out on that Christmas tree tut pdn I sent you? having difficulties scooting it down to beginner friendly? :wink: think you now realize how much thought has to go into simplifying steps and ideas that just flow when you work on an image. .

look forward to seeing what you come up with in a semi realistic tree tut.

ciao OMA

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not yet free321123. :lol: I've only just passed on my notes to Wilson so lets see how he makes out first. Its real difficult to scoot tuts down to managable steps for newbies. Especially something as complex as a tree. I already had been working on simplifying and that's what I sent Wilson but its still many steps.

ciao OMA

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I once made a fir and it turned out quite nicely, if I remember correctly! Just let me find it from that other computer :P I'll edit it in once I find it

Here we are


It's not that good now that I look at it... It's far too uniform and altogether boring.

But there isn't much more to getting a nice tree than creating a good branch and copying, twisting and turning it around all over the tree. Patience ;)

I even had something in mind when I created that:


I'm actually proud of that water and the candle :) the grass is horrible :(


Please forgive my possible complaints. I'm but an annoying little perfectionist when it comes to using english...

"I tremble in the presence of your terrifying skills of gardening."

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