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Hello & welcome to my gallery. I will be adding works as I complete them so please stop by often.

This is my first work & it is entered in the WOTW:10 Theme: Speed competition. (We need more entries!)


I've only finished my sig today & hope to add my avvie soon.

Here is my latest work I was trying to work through a tute, and well i just couldn't get it right so i just did my own thing and this is what I got hope you enjoy.



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welcome to the forum Brandon and congratulations on the grand opening of your personal gallery. . Like I said in the WOTW thread very lovely work on your speed entry and you show early promise of becoming a great Paint.net artist. If you put in the time practising and learning new techinques you will be a very influential and admired artist.

and I see you've made yourself a new sig... I don't often comment on sigs happen to prefer larger pictures just because I can see them better. It helps those here with more experience to give little tips for improving your technique when we see a bit larger than sig size artwork.

and if I don't get a chance to touch base with you before the 25TH have a great Christmas.

ciao OMA

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