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  1. Hi my name is Brandon. I'm from Queensland, Australia. I think PDN is awesome! I have started a gallery but yet to put up a link.
  2. @ barbieq Hello, thanks for the welcoming I had a look through your gallery ans i really like you postcards from mars work. I'll speak to you soon and Merry Christmas
  3. @Oma Hi, thanks for all the comments that you post to me there all very helpful. It's also nice to know someone enjoys my work. Same here if I don't speak to your before christmas have a great christmas and a happy new year.
  4. @dragonG1 hello, thanks for your comment on my sig. At first I had trouble thinking of one. So I started thinking about my hobbies and what I like. I love motorbikes and I Felt this was right for me. Thanks again.
  5. Hello & welcome to my gallery. I will be adding works as I complete them so please stop by often. This is my first work & it is entered in the WOTW:10 Theme: Speed competition. (We need more entries!) I've only finished my sig today & hope to add my avvie soon. Here is my latest work I was trying to work through a tute, and well i just couldn't get it right so i just did my own thing and this is what I got hope you enjoy.
  6. @Oma, hello, thank you for your comment on my work. It is really nice to have someone who appreciates my work and effort. I am also a fan of your work your designs and creativity is super awesome. Once again thanks.
  7. hi Barbieq thanks for the welcoming i wish you all the best for the competition and I think your going to win hands down.
  8. Hi I'm new here but I have decided to enter this competition. My artwork is simple but to the point I think. Thanks for viewing my work.
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