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Transparency Function not Working...

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Arggh! I just downloaded Paint.Net after so many great reports of how the transparency function works.

I opened my picture, saved it as a GIF, selected the magic wand, moved the tolernace to 0, and slid the wand across a portion of the black background I want to remove.

The only thing that happens is my little Vista ring appears (like something is processing) while I'm left clicking, but nothing happens.

I'm not getting chunks of the background taken out.

Do I need to reinstall, or am I missing something???

Thanks for the help!

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the tolerance effects whats colours the magic wands selects when you click, i.e. 50% tolerance while clicking black will select black-grey ( the grey made by mixing equal bits of black and white :P ) so 0% tolerance will only select pure black.

after you have selected the colours you cant with magic wand, press delete to get rid off it revealing a checkerboard background that symbols transparancy

side note : .gif will not support transparancey when you save

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Thanks, guys...

It's working a bit now, but not very cleanly (see attachment) I shot my pewter ornament against a black background, but would like to post on web transparent (or on another color background).

Is there a set of general instructions to the program I can find?



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side note : .gif will not support transparancey when you save

Actually, it will, but not partial transparency (only fully transparent or opaque).

Hence the reason for the Save Configuration Dialog with preview !

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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