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Resizing Quality

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I resized an identical photo using similar DPI with Paint.NET and with another freeware prog that used the Lanczos filter. The result was better in the other software.

Curious as to whether there is any technical stuff that I need to know to improve my resizing in Paint.NET?

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You can see what algorithm will be used for resizing when you input new values. It's usually supersampling or bicubic resampling, depending on in what direction you're resizing. Supersampling is usually the best you can get as it's also quiet demanding operation.

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I often reduce and enlarge photo sizes depending on my need. Compared the results of Bicubic resampling with that of Lanczos and thought the latter gave better results.

Wonder if there are bicubic resampling tricks that I don't know about? Don't think our English version has the supersampling feature.

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It only uses Super Sampling if it thinks it needs it.

Set the Quality to Best Quality and size down. Look at the readout at the bottom, and you'll see it says: *Super Sampling will be used.

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