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Help to do something with paint.net

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I am french and my english is not very good, so excuse me but it will be hard for me to explain my problem.

I am an old user of iphoto express 1.1 and use this software long time for all my works. But i have shoot down windows Xp and install Windows Seven 64bits, and iphoto express 1.1 dont work and the Xp Virtual is a serious problem for me, i will not explain why...

So on forum, many people say me to use paint.net but i dont know how do for 2 acts. I post you screen about why i want do (i do it with iphoto express 1.1 on xp on a old computer for the screen) :

- When i select as i want a picture as a pizza, i cut it, i open a new image, i copy / stick the selection on the new image. now, i dont want we see the border of the image... on Iphoto express, i can to add-on blur/fusion. Here, its 20 pixels to obtain :


- After, i want my pizza transparency on the new image, but only 30 or 50% :


How do this 2 things with paint.net ? Thanks

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Hello lubicdj.

I hope this doesn't sound sharp, my aim is to explain this in the best possible way in light of your weak English.

For 'blur/fusion' there is a plugin called 'Feather' that will do just that. You can find this plugin in the user BoltBait's plugin pack: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=26238 (BoltBait is a speedy fox with his replying.)

If you are unsure how to install plugins, check here: viewtopic.php?t=2023

You must make sure that you have your pizza on its own layer before using the plugin. You can use any of the selection tools (http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/S ... Tools.html) to highlight the pizza and copy-and-paste it to a new layer (the Edit menu will have these options). The commands may not differ much from iPhoto Express.

For the transparency of the pizza, you can adjust the transparency of the pizza layer (created for feathering above) by going to Layers menu > Layer Properties, and adjusting the 'Opacity' slider. Or, you can click the Layer Properties icon on the Layer window (http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/LayersWindow.html).

Does this help you?

The Help documents are a great source of information if you ever become unsure about how to do something (Help menu > Help Topics). Also, Search may answer some questions as well (http://www.searchpaint.net).

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Thanks for links. I have download and install your plugin and test it.

But the result is not similar that in iphoto express. white border appear too much even if i regulate, its too marked, i would like it is melted with the background, with a light blur on border but its necessary to choose a color, i dont understand why.

On iphoto express, we regulate only the number of pixels for the border integration as you see here but there is no necessary to choose a color :


And with your plugin, the max is 10... and the result is not good. Look :


For the transparency of the pizza i succeeded not… there is puts squares on all the picture… and if i save thus, when I re open, the squares are there. I dont manage to obtain the same result as in iphoto express. Sorry but on Windows Seven forum, people give me an other solution, forget paint.net and come back with iphoto express, with the virtual XP ( http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtua ... nload.aspx ) they say your paint.net and plugins are not totally finish thats why these options are not include default.

Thanks for your help. I hoppe one day, you will be able to do as the excellent ulead studio with iphoto express 1.1 ; maximum simplicity with maximum options. good luck for futur.

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Hold your horses, lubicdj!

You must re-read my post:

...make sure that you have your pizza on its own layer before using the plugin. You can use any of the selection tools (http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/S ... Tools.html) to highlight the pizza and copy-and-paste it to a new layer (the Edit menu will have these options).
(You can also import an image via Layers > Import From File.)

That will solve both problems you are having. It is important that you have your pizza (or whatever object) on a new layer for any of the suggestions posted here to work. You can also try BoltBait's other Feather plugin (my personal preference) that has results more akin to iPhoto:

4114_1c4db2015eb2d37ff313e85f9a3e6359 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2498

When on a new layer, adjusting the transparency of the pizza layer will only adjust the transparency of that, not the whole image. What's more, BoltBait's Feather plugin works better on its own layer. Lastly, the 'squares' will not appear outside of Paint.NET (instead replaced by however opacity is handled by the viewing program), they are there to indicate transparent pixels, nothing more.


I hope we can resolve your problems, dispelling these harrowing accusations you have read on other forums.

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une réponse rapide en français : avant toute chose, sais-tu utiliser les calques ?

quick answer in french : first of all, do you know how to use layers ?

edit : ps je ne trouve pas ton post sur le forum seven, peux-tu me donner le lien stp ?

I don't find your post on the seven-forum, can you give me the link please ?

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Salut. Je suis content de trouver un Français ici !! (i am happy to find a Frenchy here) Non je n'utilise jamais de calque. Sur iphoto express, c'est tellement plus simple. C'est même un modèle de simplicité et d'efficacité.

Ils m'ont filé une explication là haut je comprends que dal à part que c'est un plugin qu'il faut rajouter, ce que j'ai fait, mais je n'arrive pas à obtenir le résultat voulu :

- Les bords "fondus" avec l'environnement

- Une transparence variable d'une image sur une autre.

Le post en question ; http://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/Photonumer ... 9445_1.htm

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ok, je regardais sur le forum de seven ;-) je risquais pas de trouver

tout d'abord paint.net est un très bon logiciel très intuitif, j'ai utilisé longtemps paint shop pro : seven permet quasiment de faire tout ce que peut faire psp, mais il ne pèse que trois mega

le plugin : pour l'installer, tu te fais un répertoire plugin sur ton disque dur et tu dézipperas tous tes plugins dedans

une fois dézippé, il faut juste le copier dans le répertoire effects ou file type suivant les indications qui sont données avec

bon les calques c'est vraiment indispensable et très simple à maitriser

c'est exactement comme du papier calque : tu colles ce que tu veux dessus, puis tu peux le modifier le déplacer changer la taille, etc sans toucher au reste du dessin, tu peux le faire glisser dessous ou passer dessus, tu peux fusionner plusieurs calques et en utiliser autant que tu veux.

voila un tuto facile

ensuite tu n'auras plus qu'a essayer en utilisant le plugin feather sur ta pizza une fois que tu l'auras mise toute seule sur un calque

il te faut absolument savoir utiliser les calques si tu veux réussir de bons collages

http://www.helpclic.net/tutoriaux/359/L ... t.net.html

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je vais regarder à ça, mais je n'utilise paint.net que depuis 2 jours alors je le découvre aussi

je n'ai pas trop de mal car j'utilise des logiciels de retouche depuis des années et en gros c'est pareil

j'essaie de trouver le temps de faire ça ;-)

i'm going to try to make a french tuto about copy and paste, and fusion layers though I don't know paint.net very well, if I'm allowed to post in french on a english speaking forum

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