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Koch Snowflake Fractal

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Updated: now includes brush fill styles (as requested), the screenshots do not reflect this change yet

This is a very simple fractal, as far as fractals go, and I guess you could really view it as a shape drawing plug-in. Screen shots can describe what this plug-in does better then I can so here they are.

This just shows the menu in which this plug-in resides Effects > Render > Koch_Snowflake


The following are just examples of the varying degrees of complexity (more complex = more verticies).



Most Basic:


A bit more complex


This shows how playing with the drawing angle can be used to make other shapes


Thats all there is to it really. The only bug I know of is that rendering a snowflake in a circle or irregular selection causes some distortion, I have not figured out the cause yet but its not a major issue.

I have not tried this on any other computers so let me know if it works for you, or does not work whatever the case may be.


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A question. PS: i dont know much about programming, so sorry if this is obvious question. It mentions brush size. So if you change the brush fill will it affect the Render?

If it does not, can you explain why? xD

I have been looking for a render plugin that uses "brush size" that allows for the change of brush fill

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Simon, did you use the effect(just wondering)? I originally thought the same, but how about Fractal Distance or Fractal Curve Distance? Some people dont know what a fractal is >.<Fractal (Wiki this)

I did but for the people who dont it doesnt explain enough what is happening to the image enough by just saying detail or complexity. Imo

But after downloading(it does work with 3.5.3450 the alpha build, awesome :D) I made this in like 2 Mins :D\


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