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How do I create these document image forund on icons

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I would like if someone could share their knowledge on how to make the image of a document in Paint.NET which is a present background image that many applications have included on their filetype icons.

A standard one like this (below) or.....


...to make a rounded one like this?

Document-256x256_Deleket (Jojo Mendoza)


I use Axialis IconWorkshop to convert images to icons, so it's just the initial image i am trying to make. I dont need to know about saving to .ico in PDN.

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Do you mean the icon that is shown in Windows Explorer or Finder when browsing?

Well, Paint.Net 3.36 (actual version) does not let you save using the .ico (icons) extension. I don't why, but I though that in the earlier versions there was a possibility. Maybe programmers decided to change this...

If you have Visual Studio installed, try this:

1. Open VS, create a DLL Project, in the My Project pane, open Resources, add the icons (earlier saved as gif or jpeg), compile it.

2. Open Windows Explorer, Tool menu, Folder Options, add the new file type and the icon.

I don't know if you are reading this, so I just wrote the overview. If you don't understand this, send me a PM (Private Message).

To do this, click the PM icon by my profiles name.

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Yes, you can save the .ico extension. Look in the Plugin Section. It's there.

@iPodLover...I had been reading several of your posts, I suggest you do some digging around the forum, play around with PDN, and just learn more about the program. That way, you can do everybody a favor by quit talking about the 4.0 version which is a long way off, read the Popular Request thread, the FAQ thread, and download the 3.5 alpha version.

@all Mods, if I'm biting iPodLover, I apologize.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Guys you got the wrong end of the stick as the expression goes.

I meant how to draw the document icon image with all the shadows and stuffs. Both a standard document icon image and or a intuitive curved design document icon image like the one I posted above.

I never worry with the .ICO as I do all my saving in PDN to PNG and then use Axialis to convert to a Windows icon, so I am not talking about saving to an icon image at all.

Remember I meant on how to draw that image

Perhaps I could rename the topic remving the word "icon"

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urmm firstly i think thats a little to big and you might wake the mods form there sleep :roll:

Thanks dude - I edited the post :)

There are various I found on Google Images already. The one you made look exactly like one of the one's I found on Google Images. Yes please write a tut on how you did yours.

I also found this Apple favourable document image (Mac OS)


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hey sorry for the late reply, i wrote up that tut if you still want it, i will be more then happy to answer any questions you have with this tut.

1 Make the canvas size 250 width 370hieght

Delete the white so your layer is transparent then draw a rounded rectangle 10px

Hidden Content:

2 Chop off the top right corner and draw a line there still in 10px and black.

Hidden Content:

3 Use magic wand to select insides of black box

then add new layer and run effects>selection> bevel selection and set the colours as white and grey

Hidden Content:

4 Don’t deselect from the selection made in the last step

Add a third layer and put it under layer 2,

Use the fill bucket with a grey colour and fill the insides of your selection

Hidden Content:

5 Make 2 lines and the corner you chopped off

This will create the page fold

select the two lines and bevel them using white as both colours

effects > selection > bevel

Hidden Content:

6 Select the middle of our page fold and go to adjustments and go brightness and contrast and darken it

Hidden Content:

7 Finally for the shadow select layer 2 and set your colours to

primary: black and

secondary : transparent

then create a liner gradient near the page fold

Hidden Content:
Hopes this was clear enough for you! :)

Obviously at the end of this process you can resize to whatever size you need for the icon

@ ipodlover there's nothing wrong with him using that icon for personal use if we wanted to, as long as he doesn't redistribute without permission from apple.

and what your saying is like saying you cant use a vista background on an xp system because the graphics designers put hard work into it and its not for you to use :? :?:

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please don't just say thats not fair, if your going to make a point explain it thru :) i still believe its perfectly fine for him to use that apple icon also long as he doesn't redistribute it, imo the people who made that icon will be happy if he uses it because it shows appreciation for their work

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