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Trying to make a photo invite! please help!

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Can anyone help me? I'm trying to make an invite for a friends party, I found some really neat ones online. but idont want to steal someones idea. Id like to make my own, with my own creative-ness.

Here is an example of somethin im trying to do.


But girly and a pink and pretty. I have NO clue what I;m doing.

Thanks, Krisy

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This is the easiest thing to do with Paint.NET, but first, did you download Paint.NET and know how to use it? If yes, then image like this one could be created in 3 or 4 layers no more:

Background layer

Pictures layer

Text layer

And Extra layer if you planing to mix more than one style of text and some random small shapes.

Search feature is your friend, search for layers also in Help file, you have to know how to deal with multiply layers picture.

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Hi, thank you.

Yes I have downloaded it already, and no im definately not familiar with it AT ALL!!!!!! I really dont know how to use it that well. as far as layers go, NO clue how to make them, use them and then put them all together! :(

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