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Gradient Bars Fraggy

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Will someone please tell me why the gradients I use with color are rough and fraggy instead of being smoothly transitional like they used to be? It's incredibly agitating when I'm trying to make a nice quality graphic.



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Is that gradient bad in your opinion?

Try using a Gaussian blur on it after? Or a splinter(Blur aswell). Or a zoom blur deluxe(plugin, blur).?

Try doing this:

try.jpg :arrow:

try2.jpg :arrow:


Sorry for the bloody potato quality. Microsoft Snipping tool >.<

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Gradients blend two(or more) colors across two points. We are dealing with 8-bit channels, so there are only so many colors to bridge the gap. This is why you are getting these jaggy results.

IMO blurring usually makes this issue worse as it is just spreading the available colors out even more and the color groupings (lines or "bars" of a single color) start to get even bigger.

Try Frosted Glass in low setting after the gradient.

This is the best way to improve the way the gradient looks as it emulates dithering. I would recommend measuring the width/height of the color "bars" to determine their distance across and use that value(+/- 1, based on your preference) as the setting for Frosted Glass.


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