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  1. Welcome! But I can't stand leet speak. (L33T SP3AK, wow, 'cause that makes sense <.< )
  2. Oh darn, you found me! Welcome. (It didn't feel right saying welcome, I just joined like...a week ago I had no seniority to do it >.> )
  3. I was thinking that too! I play soccer (recreational), draw, know how to script, and other stuff. Amazing!
  4. Okay, I whipped this up. I think I'm getting the hang of Alpha Mask!! I hate it....a little bit. I dunno why. It's not good.... PS The "Your Name Goes Here" is because I am supplying this as a sig for anyone that wants it in another Forum.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm not very good with Photoshop..... ...which leaves me with the ultimate p'wnage of PDN! I love this software!
  6. Hey! Thanks! That wasn't the type of feedback I was expecting. I was expecting more of "constructive-rude" criticism, but thanks I will try and look into those. I think the text reads that way because I used "Outline Object" and I may have increased the radius too far. I'll mess with the left side too. THANKS!
  7. This sig is my latest one, but it's too big to use in my signature. For my personal standards, it's very good. But looking at what YOU guys can do....it's very bad XD
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