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  1. That gradient I made is TERRIBLE. TERRRRRRIBLE. But I'll try your technique, thanks. Any other ideas?
  2. Will someone please tell me why the gradients I use with color are rough and fraggy instead of being smoothly transitional like they used to be? It's incredibly agitating when I'm trying to make a nice quality graphic.
  3. Thank you for being a life saver!!! Not really, but thanks a lot.
  4. Is it possible to run a plugin that will make a circle appear shaded? I am attempting to make the Earth with some effects, but I can't seem to make it darker and lighter on opposite sides. I know Photoshop has that effect.
  5. Welcome! But I can't stand leet speak. (L33T SP3AK, wow, 'cause that makes sense <.< )
  6. Oh darn, you found me! Welcome. (It didn't feel right saying welcome, I just joined like...a week ago I had no seniority to do it >.> )
  7. I was thinking that too! I play soccer (recreational), draw, know how to script, and other stuff. Amazing!
  8. Okay, I whipped this up. I think I'm getting the hang of Alpha Mask!! I hate it....a little bit. I dunno why. It's not good.... PS The "Your Name Goes Here" is because I am supplying this as a sig for anyone that wants it in another Forum.
  9. You could try and add a layer, then move that layer down (so it's below your image) then fill it with black.
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