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Paint.net Banner/Logo creation for a website..

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Since I don't have Photoshop, seeing as I can't afford it, I have to use Paint.net...

I'm trying to follow this tutorial: http://adobeperson.com/photoshop-websit ... ite-banner

I wanted to use this as a basic template for my website banner/logo, however there is a key tool missing to achieve this. That tool is the full featured blending option of Photoshop that Paint.net lacks.

I haven't been able to find a suitable plugin for Paint.net either to achieve this effect..

I've tried two different gradient plugins, and a limited in comparison blending plugin that lacks the full featured options that photoshop has.

Would anyone know of a plugin for paint.net to achive the exact effects of the blending tool in photoshop?

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I fixed the link, something happened when I submitted my post...

Also the Photoshop trial is too large for me to download on my current connection (Satellite). In the tutorial I linked to, in order to create those effects I need a blending tool or a full featured blending tool/option as shown in the Photoshop diagrams.

I've been unable to locate a plugin for Paint.Net that can handle this, and create these effects. I came here to seek a solution, if there is no plugin to accomplish this, maybe there might be another way to achieve those effects. :)

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